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When processes are based on a permanent bombas de vacío, the choice of suitable components is all the more important. Reliable, high-performance vacuum technology not only does the job; the working environment also benefits from more peace, less distraction and higher air quality. These factors of ergonomics significantly increase the general well-being. The result: employee productivity, motivation, but also the precision in demanding applications improve significantly.

With its new bombas de vacío industriales for both industrial and high vacuum applications, Leybold takes this development into account. The new two-stage Sogevac NEO D rotary bomba de vacío offers a whole range of advantages, especially for these general challenges. The pump offers benefits in three very decisive areas: it is cleaner, quieter and practically maintenance-free.

The compact Sogevac NEO D is equipped with a high-quality exhaust filter inside the oil casing. Built-in filtration reduces the required integration volume of the bomba de vacío industriales and ensures a clean environment without oil smoke or loss while pumping down. The acoustic properties also set new standards: it is 3 dB(A) quieter than conventional models on the market. The product is designed for maximum uptime through advanced shaft sealing technology and the use of durable mineral oils. This results in maintenance-free operating intervals of up to three years.

Their functional and design features simplify daily use of the backing bombas vacío. For example, the hermetic sealing of the rotating parts from the bomba vacío chamber reduces the risk of contamination. By dispensing with shaft seals, which are susceptible to wear, the developers have achieved a higher degree of tightness. This ensures economic efficiency and predestines the Scrollvac plus for universal use in robust processes.

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