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Gerald J. Parrish aka Urg7 is an American
Recording Artist,Actor,Writer,Producer and
Entertainer born & raised in & around the Compton Sourh Central & Watts California area who's list of credits include
But are not limited too various
Acting Spots,Ghost Writing,Voice Over spots
As well as Cemeo appearances & Placements
Cop-Rock,Absurd TV,Chevrolet Commercial
(National Spot)America's Got Talent,
Venom, gray Movie,Visage
Under the Underground,Quantum Leap,
The District,Boot Camp,King of Kings,
Love jones, to name a few.
As well as producing ghost writing,
Print model,DJ,Vee-Jay,Radio Personality
Show Host,Co-Host,Artist Development
Artist interview,Co-executive Producer
Of many of today's hottest recordings
Underground as well as mainstream
He is a juggernaut Type artist rarely ever
Leaving his recoding studio where he's
Spent years perfecting his methods. He has
Features with artist spanning the globe.
Currently 40 studio albums & 13
Mix-tapes,when he's not in his recording studio he's on the set of a film
Project,magazine or radio interview or video set or performing live which he loves to do.
Keep up & catch up with This artist on all his social networks. Music available now everywhere digital music is sold.
Search Urg7 The hardest working man in
Hiphop.Nobody works Harder Homie.

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