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Remembering the Life and Legacy of Dion D. Blue aka Blu Warta


This month marks the 7 year anniversary of the passing of Dion Blue also known as Blu Warta.   From being recognized as N-tense in the early 90’s to Blu Warta in the new millennium, Dion was Hip Hop.  He lived the culture so much that everything he touched seemed to exude a beat with concise lyrics to follow.   Some that knew him would say “he was the pulse of Hip Hop” but on that tragic day Thursday, January 27th 2005 that pulse was no more. It was replaced with an unwelcomed piercing sound indicating that his life had just flat lined.  Dion Blue died in his prime at the age of 30, from a Degenerative Heart Disease while anticipating a heart transplant.


Dion lived music from a young age signing his first deal at 18 under the name N-tense.  In his chosen career and life there was success and challenges.  With his determination in tow, he continued to persevere against all odds.   This would include being diagnosed with Viral Cardiomyopathy a disease of the heart muscle which makes it become inflamed and work poorly.  The cause is unknown, incurable and in Dion’s case beyond repair.  Dion was placed on the HEART transplant list in 1997, at the age of 23. By this time, Dion would have his strength, endurance, faith and tenacity put to the test.   Not to be discouraged, and like the soldier he was, Dion strapped his timb boots up and went back to the hood to fine-tune his strategy, reinvent himself and devise a new plan, now which would include numerous medications and restrictions regarding his health. 


Remarkably, by 1998, what surfaced was a disciplined polished veteran who would take his career, health and destiny in his own hands.  Dion resurrected himself with a new name Blu Warta, new team MMOR ENT (Make Millions Offa Rap) and new mission, to make his mark on this world on his own terms.  Dion amazed the Doctors and everyone around him by meticulously taking control of his health and continuing to pursue his dream without missing a beat.   That beat continued until January 27th 2005 when GOD decided to give him his wings, certified platinum status and fame beyond the stars.  


Today take a moment of silence not for Dion, but for yourself, a silent prayer to ask GOD to continue to keep you in good health.   Heart disease is a silent killer.   Be aware of your health, your good health is the foundation of your riches continually flowing in abundance. 


In remembrance of Dion’s life a forceful movement has developed.  That movement is Strong @ Heart.  An awareness organization with a mission to shed light on the unknown causes of heart disease, recognizing symptoms, and being proactive in the prevention of the disease.


 This is luv….

Written with love, his twin

 DeeDee M. Blue


This is one of my brother's songs which tells his story of chasing his dream... "I Was There"


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