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Nico Carreno, also know as Nico ANSCr was born on March 31, 1992. Growing up in Joliet, Illinois, Nico attended Joliet Catholic Academy as well as Joliet West High School, then after that decided to expand his education by attending Joliet Junior College and shortly after that transferring to the University of Houston for better opportunities. While attending high school, Nico’s close friend Glenn started
showing him different aspects of the music world. Glenn decided that he would show the ins and out of how to record in the studio as well as how to provide music with substance and meaning.

With the influences of Wu Tang Clan, Ice Cube, Biggie, Tupac and various others, Nico started to notice that all these Rappers were providing the world with music that everyone could relate to. With many hours as well as nights in the studio, he decided instead of making music to be
just a hobby, Nico wanted to invest more and make this his career. By the age of 21 Nico knew what kind of music he wanted to share with everyone that "Feel-good music" with real life vibes combining rhythmic vocal patterns with smooth melodies and rapid drum patterns to transition life through speakers. Double-time lines twisted with slight harmonies and Syllable-sound combinations distinctively separates this talented wordsmith. Nico came up with the name ANSCr as the name to give credit to everyone in his family which stood by his side and supported him during his transition. With the help of his brother Anthony Santos (So-So) is the letter “A” and “S” in “ANSCr”. With the help of Anthony playing the drums, keyboard, as well as bass guitar, Nico was able to find the melody that inspired him to keep recording hits.

With the determination to be able to teach and show his son that anything you want and believe in you can achieve if you work for it. Nico speaks existence into his success and refuses to settle for anything less. Leaving a legacy for his son as well as the
generation that will come after is what’s most important. Nico is working around the clock and is grinding by selling the hard copies of his cd for $10 wherever he goes. Being devoted to the people that believes in his success makes him go even harder.

You can follow Nico on all social
media by searching “@ANSCr28”.

Media Contact - Jesse De La Cruz 779-703-2523
Joliet, IL / Atlanta, Ga

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