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HLM Sneaker of the Week - Nike Air Command Force

Man the 90′s was such a great Era for Nike Basketball. While the Reebok Pumps were on the Craze, Nike shook up the world with the release of the Nike Air Command Force for David Robinson. Reebok had us sold on the Pump series and being able to dunk like Dominique Wilkins, Dee Brown, and other players who were high flying Reebok Pump wearers, but Nike Answered back with the Command Force that introduced the Air Pump system. The Command Force featured a classic 90′s style high top look with a pump system that was later discontinued. Well in fall of 2014 expect this Nike Air classic to make it’s return in the original Emerald colorway, and a new Red, White and Black colorway. Who else is looking forward to this release?  

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