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Bizeeee or "4eZ" as he is called, is at it again in the kitchen, after his most recent release of the self entitled project "4eZ" and his crazy first single release "Looking for it". Biz brings you the second exciting, and energy packed track single, from his album, entitled "Thoughts", the track itself is a mixture of torched flows and renaissance art with a tad of the greatest seasoning available to the ears.

Biz sounds like no other artist out, and tends to switch his flows depending what the beat tells him, and how he feels at that current mind state. Biz is one of the dopest engineers/artists, coming out of Virginia, with his Camp HeavyGripp EnT. at the top of the game, also next up for the crown. Biz is also a vivid savy photographer with alot of celebrity clients, and credits such as Future, Young Thug, Mike Epps and alot more. 

Be looking for the "4eZ" album this winter, we won't ruin the suprise, but the album itself will have a few features from some of industries top current artists. Bizeeee is a artist to be watching all the end of this year and 2019.

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