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HLM Media's Blog – October 2011 Archive (3)

JUMZ Blog - The Truth About Young Jeezy or Jeezy or... Jizzle?

You ever stand behind someone that you knew was gonna trip, fall, and bust their ass but you weren't going to do anything about it because you wanted to see how hard they fell? Well, that's what is going on with Jeezy career. I know I know, he's the snowman... but even snow melts eventually.


Jeezy came in the game with legendary status, 2 deals on the table, and that signature YEEEEEEEEUH! taking over the rap game one song at a time. Although it didnt work out for P. Diddy's…


Added by HLM Media on October 31, 2011 at 11:56pm — 1 Comment

JUMZ Blog - Bad for Hip Hop Not Bad for The Economy?

I've had many conversations with people from the industry of entertainment about the new crop of artists we're beginning to see gain notoriety within the rap genre. They're hipsters and skateboarders and serious fashionistas who happen to put some clever rhymes together over fruity looped beats. Not taking anything away from the real talented ones I actually like but there's an overflow of these guys coming up in the underground and it makes the waters a bit difficult for the acts within my…


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JUMZ Blog - A Letter To The "Rapper"

Dear "Rapper",

I wonder when you decided to choose the "Rap Life" what was it that motivated you to pursue a career in music.

These days you walk into a room full of rappers and let's say 95 percent of the time you already know what their content is before they even introduce themselves. So the next question you ask yourself is "do these guys really want this or do they want the extras that come with this life?" I wouldn't be surprised if many of you thought about that when you…


Added by HLM Media on October 12, 2011 at 11:21pm — 1 Comment

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Maria Davis: The Total Wellness Approach to Your HIV February 20, 2018 - A&U Magazine

Posted by HLM Media on March 2, 2018 at 4:35pm 0 Comments

The Total Wellness Approach to Your HIV The importance of taking care of the whole self: mind, body, and spirit by Maria Davis To those living with HIV, I would like to start by acknowledging your struggle and your accomplishments. Receiving an HIV diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. Diagnosis also marks the start of a lifelong journey towards managing and living with your HIV. When I was first diagnosed with HIV in 1995 and then with AIDS in 1998, there were limited resources available to learn about the disease, and how to manage it. There were no stories in the media about an African-American woman like myself living with HIV. I felt alone—like I had nowhere to turn. Remembering how I felt upon receiving my diagnosis is what inspired me to collaborate with Merck to…



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