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July 2015 Blog Posts (35)

Big Dee News: Cassidy On Meek's Response... "Meek did way less than what I expected."

The question still remains does ghost writing make you a rapper ? That's how all this started ( Meek sort of saying Drake has a ghost writer ) Drake came out with two joints going at Meek Mill's throat. The streets wanted a response, and Meek gave it, " Wanna Know ( click to hear ) ". Which most including…


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Industry Mixer ft. Taxstone of MTV2 - No Cover w RSVP

With the success of their last mixer #Levelsmanagement is back with another one! Sponsored by

The Entertainment Industry Mixer ft Taxstone of MTV2 will be a night to…


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Big Dee News: There's a NO FLEX zone In Jersey - Treach of NaughtyByNature Not Feeling The DJ's Broken Promise.

Funk Master Flex is catching heat for not playing Meek Mill's response to Drakes first diss track ( Charged Up ). On Monday Flex promised to play Meek's response, and he didn't. That didn't go to well with the fans, or ' Naughty By Natures ' Treach. He had some choice words on twitter for Flex.......…


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Big Dee News: Drake vs. Meek Mill The Saga Continues W/, " Back To Back " (Meek Mill Diss)

It seems the saga must continue Drake makes another song going at Meek side ways. Is this thing heating up, or what ?…


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Queen Of The Ring Battle @ BB Kings - Sunday August 9th

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New Video: Pete Rock judges Remy Martin's The Producer Series w/ Charlamagne

The semi finals of the, " Producers Series ", took place on Saturday featuring special guest judge Pete Rock. Up, and coming producers get a chance to let Pete Rock judge, and give a sample of what these tracks have to offer. Their on the rise, and what better way than to let the legendary Mr. Rock here your track. It took place at the Attic Rooftop west 48th st NY,…


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Lupe Fiasco Writes A 2 Part Open Letter Concerning Ghost Writing & The Drake, Meek Mill Issue.

If I recite lyrics someone else wrote does that make me a rapper ? well some people feel it doesn't, and if you look deep into what Meek Mill said about Drake,…


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Meek Mill Cleans up Drake Ghost Writing Statement ( Drake Diss ), & Apologizes To His Lady On Stage.

Meek Mill, and Drake may have beef ( not ). Mill explained that he was upset as a fan ( not artist ) when he was handed Drake lyrics not written by Drake. He spoke on it, and maybe some people took it the wrong way.…


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With New Evidence In His Case, C - Murder May Get A Retrial For The Life Sentence He Recieved In 2009.

C - Murder ( brother of Master P ) who got a life sentence for 2nd degree manslaughter in the killing of 16 year old Steve Thomas in 2002. He's been behind bars for 6 years now, and new details are coming out that he may not have committed the crime. A former San Antonio Spurs player named Tim Bush has come foward with new details in the case. He claims C - Murder…


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50 Claims The Public Image Of His Lifestyle Is All A Fabrication.

5o Cent testified in a Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday that his image looks better than it really is. At least finance wise he claims to be worth less than 5 million dollars ( which just happens to be the amount he's…


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Was Nicki Minaj Snubbed In The VMA Nominations, Why She Feels This Is The Case & Taylor Swift Getting Involved All On Twitter.

Social media ( soon to faze out the publicist ) where you can negotiate a contract, start, end a beef, and air out your frustrations. All with the tap on a key ( board that is ) well Nicki Minaj took to twitter feeling that she should have gotten more VMA nominations for her video, " Anaconda ". Apparently the tweets may have been taken wrong…


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Ghost Responds To action Bronson's Apology On Twitter & Azealia Banks Wieghs In On What Ghost Should Do.

The saga continues as Ghost Face responds to Action Bronson's twitter apology with a resounding," No ". Short, and to the point. I guess there's more to come in this dare I say…


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Lil Wayne Booted Off Private Jet For Sparking Up.

I get lifted on the plane, or with a spliff ? Looks Like Wayne was ready to do both, and then he got the boot. Read more details on this:

Lil Wayne was kicked off the private jet he chartered minutes after takeoff, because the rapper lit up a joint almost…


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It's Official Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Are Divorced In The Eyes Of The Law.

It's been about 2 years since they've split ( Khloe's had relations with French Montana & now James Harden ) so it was inevitable that this day would come. It's been on the back burner long enough that people may have forgotten, but neither of them did. The papers are signed, and the end is here. One word of advice for both…


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Action Bronson Responds To Ghost Face Killah's Video.

Well if you clicked play on the recent Ghost Face Killah, Action Bronson air out video ( as read in the title ) you'll see Ghost wasn't very happy at what Bronson said on national TV. Bronson heard, and responded, what direction do you think he took ? Well it looks like the high road ( no pun intended ) with an…


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Ghost Face Killah Responds To Action Bronson's comment on Sportsnation.

If you didn't know rapper Action Bronson was recently asked about Ghost Face Killah on ESPN's SportsNation. Here's what happened: Action Bronson appeared on ESPN's "SportsNation", where he was asked about…


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Mitchelle'l - Spillin' Drank (Remix) Ft. T.I. & Big K.R.I.T

Please do me a favor do not spill Drank on my wood grain, or we might have a problem. Other than that click play, and listen for yourself.

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